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Switchboard Upgrades

Do you need switchboard upgrades? The Electrical Switchboard is the heart and soul of any electrical system. It must supply sufficient power for all of our modern day conveniences. Technology is rapidly changing and Electrical standards are always improving. Older systems that contain ceramic fuses and circuit breakers which were once deemed safe when compared to today’s standards can now be deadly.

They lack modern safety features and in similar way motor vehicle safety systems have improved with the advent of Seat-belts,  Airbags, Electronic Stability Control and others. Electrically speaking modern RCD’s and RCBO’s amongst others are the modern day Electrical equivalent.

If your home or office doesn’t have them you should ask the question… Should I drive my car without a seatbelt? Nothing may happen but if something goes wrong the consequences are usually serious if not fatal. Insurance companies may not pay out a claim if there are no safety mechanisms in place. Your rental property by law must have modern RCD’s installed before tenants can move in.

Induce Group is One Stop Shop when it comes to Electrical Upgrades that bring peace of mind. Contact us at 0404 455 048 to discuss your requirements.

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Induce Group came to my house to make emergency repairs to my Hot Water System. They were professional throughout and explained every step in detail which put my mind at ease. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


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